Veronica Hummel

Democrat for Supreme Court in the Ninth Judicial District

Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess, and Putnam Counties

Working for Justice!

I work in Supreme Court advising and assisting an exceptional judge in the courtroom and in chambers every single day. My 30-year legal career serving with judges and in private practice has given me the first-hand experience and on-the-job training to be the best Supreme Court Justice possible.

Each day in Supreme Court, I see the life-altering impact our work has on the people who come to court to find justice.

I have dedicated my career in the judicial system to providing justice, relentlessly striving to guarantee that fair, impartial, and compassionate courts are accessible to all.

I ask for your support as I seek to become a Justice of the Supreme Court so that I can continue to serve our community.

Veronica lives with her husband Peter Kolbert and three sons, Joshua, Spencer, and Jordan, in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.  Veronica and Peter have lived in the same house for over 26 years, their children are graduates of the public school system, and the family considers Westchester home. Veronica is committed to contributing to the community and to working with friends, neighbors, and organizations to keep Westchester a wonderful place to live and raise a family. As part of that commitment and for personal growth, over the last 25 years Veronica has continued to volunteer at numerous organizations and for causes that support children and education.

Legal Experience

Principal Court Attorney, Supreme Court, White Plains, NY    Principal Court Attorney to Honorable Lawrence H. Ecker
Advise judge on research issues and appropriate course of action in cases. Draft numerous opinions on issues generated by a large, diverse caseload. Attend oral arguments and trials. Prepare jury charges and verdict sheets. Handle settlement conferences. Work with judge on rulings on various trial issues, including jury and evidence questions. Courtroom inventory includes commercial, contract, medical malpractice, personal injury, general negligence, motor vehicle, labor, matrimonial, foreclosure, and election matters.

Principal Court Attorney, County Court, White Plains, NY
Principal Court Attorney to Honorable Barbara G. Zambelli
Advised judge on criminal procedural and substantive legal issues. Drafted opinions on criminal and constitutional issues, including Omnibus, CPL 440, and CPL 330 motions. Drafted decisions in Article 78 proceedings, including zoning proceedings. Played a role in arraignments, bail hearings, CPL 730 hearings, Mapp and other pre-trial hearings, jury issues, trials, sentencing, and post-trial motions. Reviewed search warrants and other orders. Assisted in Mental Health Part.

Principal Court Attorney, Supreme Court, New York, NY
Principal Court Attorney to Honorable Edward H. Lehner
Advised judge on research issues and appropriate course of action in cases. Drafted hundreds of opinions on issues generated by the large diverse caseload. Attended oral arguments and trials. Held hundreds of discovery and settlement conferences.

Moses & Singer, New York, NY
Associate Litigator
Experienced all phases of federal and state court litigation, including drafting pleadings, discovery motions, summary judgment papers, and appellate briefs, and attending court appearances and trials.

Supreme Court of Maine, Rockland, ME
Law Clerk
Law clerk to Justice Daniel Wathen and Justice David Nichols on the highest court in the state.

Community Service

  • Served over a decade on the Executive Board of the Hastings-on-Hudson PTSA
  • Served for years on the Executive Board of the Hastings Coop Nursery School
  • Served as liaison to the Board of the Hastings Education Foundation
  • Selected to serve on numerous school district education and talent search committees
  • Volunteered for innumerable charitable organizations, events, and recreational programs.


Columbia Law School, Masters in Law (LLM),
Albany Law School of Union University, JD
Phi Beta Kappa

Bar Association Member

Westchester Women’s Bar Assoc., Westchester County Bar Assoc., Westchester Black Bar Assoc., LEGAL, Rockland County Bar Assoc., Yonkers Lawyers’ Assoc., White Plains Bar Assoc., New Rochelle Bar Assoc., Columbian Lawyer Assoc., and the Society of Irish American Lawyers.

Admitted to the bar: New York, Maine, and Massachusetts

Elect Veronica Hummel

Democrat for Supreme Court in the Ninth Judicial District

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